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Multiple milia under the eyes

This young, beautiful woman has many milia under her eyes. These are very difficult to remove on your own skin, because they can't really be squeezed out without first nicking the surface of the skin first. Also, the skin under the eyes is very thin and its difficult to squeeze the area with your own fingers. You will see it's not that easy to use an extractor – it's important to push against the orbital bone, away from the eye socket to successfully extract these stubborn bumps!

A milium (single for milia) is a small superficial cyst formed in the top layer of the skin called the epidermis. They appear as tiny, pearly-white bumps just under the surface of the skin. They contain keratin (skin protein) and are harmless. They are often seen on the face, in particular on the delicate skin around the eyes. They can be prevented or minimized with exfoliating like chemical peels, microdermabrasion or topical retinoids. However, they are sometimes difficult to remove without a physician’s help, since they cannot simply be squeezed out. Often, the surface of the skin has to be pierced first with a lancet, a sharp pointed blade, or a needle, in order to successfully remove the milium. Often a comedone extractor is used to express the milium.

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{amazon|100|campaign}How to get rid of skin tags from upper eyelids or eye region?-Dr. Nischal K

Skin tags on over eyelids are no different form skin tags in other parts of the face or in other parts of the neck to in the underarms. So these are small growth of the skin. So what we do is we apply a numbing cream, leave it for an hours’ time so that the skin becomes completely numb and we remove this using a radiofrequency. This is what we call it as radiofrequency abalation. Since this is a superficial procedure, there is not harm to the eyeball or to the lens which is placed inside the eyeball. For example after post cataract operations, sometimes people have an intraocular lens. So there is no harm when we do radiofrequency ablation to any of these things. So it is a very simple office based procedure where the waiting time is more because the skin takes some time to become numb, but procedure hardy takes around 10 to 15 minutes. After we remove the lesion, there is a small tiny wound and that heals within 5 to 7 days very nicely without a mark.

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